FreeSky 2, Fun Free

FreeSky 2 is an RTS game set in a quasi futuristic steampunk skyworld. Like any RTS game the object is to build up your empire as you collect resources, expand, and build new buildings and ships. The only difference with this game however is that you are located on your own small floating island in the air, and you have battle with other islands in your area      with airships, planes, and zeppelins.

freesky 2

This game has a lot of the standard RTS fair with it, like resource gathering buildings such as mines and aerogel harvesters, and alchemy labs, supply depots, and workshops. Some of the things that set it apart are the guild offices, airship factories, and the captains hall. The guild office is used to manage or join guilds and to take care of gild related tasks. The airship factory is the heart of this game, and allows you to build and design all of the various airships that you will use to battle your enemies. Finally the captains office is used to recruit and assign various captains with different skill sets and specialties within your fleet. This game also has campaigns that you can battle through, and allow you to refine and grow your skills in the field. There are many other aspects to this game as well, but I honestly couldn’t find myself getting that into it. It was fun for the first hour, but then it all just seemed to be a whole lot of waiting. Waiting on resources to build up, waiting for research and so on… I have played many RTS games before and am familiar with the waiting and time based aspect of them, but this one seemed to be a little too much for me and I stopped playing before I ever got very far into the game. I guess if you really like the genre of this game and are a steampunk fanatic then it might be alright, otherwise I would suggest staying free of FreeSky 2.

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